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Features & Benefits

When most people think of concrete curbing they envision the plain white borders around a grocery store parking lot. At accent Kurb appeal we offer a custom edging product that is quite different. With beautiful colors to choose from and decorative stamping, decorative curbing is fast becoming priority on the home owner’s wish list. Extruded concrete curbing has actually been around for decades but only recently have all the color choices and patterns become available. At accent Kurb appeal we keep our installers updated on the latest technologies and the newest colors and patterns. If you are looking to spice up your yard look no further than accent Kurb appeal extruded decorative concrete curbing. The name you know and trust, the quality you deserve, and the fair price you have learned to expect from accent Kurb appeal.

Decorative Landscape Edging

There are many different technologies available. All you have to do is look to our photo gallery to see that accent Kurb appeal ram compaction system is the latest and best technology and that we offer the best color and pattern combinations. Every curb is a custom curb. That’s what our decorative concrete curbing installers say. Talk with one of our qualified staff about custom concrete curbing for your yard. You can look at the color charts and the mix and match the designs to come up with a curbing job truly your own. Something that will beautify your yard.

Concrete Edging

Not only will our beautiful decorative concrete curbing beautify your yard it will also separate the mulch from the grass. No longer will that pesky sod creep into your islands and cause havoc. Our concrete curbing is six inches wide and sits two inches below the grass line stopping grass and weeds from entering.

Beautiful Decorative Concrete Edging

At accent Kurb appeal our decorative concrete curbing is built to last. Packed tight, our three thousand psi concrete is reinforced with a fibre mesh for strength and durability. We place control joints every three to four feet by hand to help control cracking. If you are wondering where shine and protection comes from on our beautiful curbing, it’s the sealer. We offer only the finest cure and seal sealers available and they are applied through a special system that coats the curbing evenly for a beautiful finish.

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