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Is this landscape curbing a new product and does it last?
Although Curbing is not new, the method, style of curb and look is exciting and new. We use only the best equipment to give you the best quality and look for your Landscape. As far as it lasting over a long time frame, it mainly depends on the installer and how well the customer takes care of it! accent Kurb appeal uses top of the line products to insure long lasting curb. We even go that extra mile and use a special additive and sealants to insure the clearest & consistent color. We are so confident you will love installed curb, at accent Kurb appeal that we give you a “one year warranty” on materials and workmanship.

Are you limited to a design layout, such as with Timbers?
Concrete curbing is ideal for the Okanagan terrain. A small concrete extruding machine is very easily maneuvered, thereby providing the design flexibility needed for your specific lawn type. It curves, circles, or extrudes straight lines to allow you any design your heart desires. We require the homeowner to be home during installation to insure you are happy with the flow of the design. In addition, we encourage the homeowner to stay outside to see the awe of the process. It is definitely a site to see, from before to after transformation within a few hours is amazing!

Keep your lawn and flower bed separate with concrete curbing.

How effective is this Concrete Curb in keeping out grass?
Continuous Concrete Curbing prevents sod from entering your flower bed. Your constant (loosing) fight to keep sod out of your flower beds ended with this invention. You also do not have weeds growing in-between this edging since it is one continuous piece, nor can the sod grow under it if it is prepared correctly. There are a few different molds (shapes) to choose from. The most common is “slant” & “mower” style. With our machine, both molds have a minimum 4” heights in back and 2” on front. The curb is actually 6” wide. Our molds are designed high enough to keep sod from growing through it, and also high enough on the back to retain your bed covering, such as mulch. Our machine even has the ability to adjust higher for the mountain area’s where you may need a little more height. As long as your area is prepared properly and your grass clippings do not go into your flower bed, you will not have creeping sod in your bed area any longer!

Does this process damage my lawn or flowerbeds, and what can I do to prepare for the installation?
There will not be any damage to your landscape! In fact, we recommend your sod, flowerbeds, and sprinkler systems be installed prior to our arrival. Once you approve the design of your flower bed, we sod cut the design with a 10” sod cutter so you will have that beautiful smooth flowing curb. Not only does that remove the sod for placement of the curb, but also gives you the opportunity to see the flow of the bed area prior to the installation of the curb. In other words, it still isn’t too late to change your mind on the flow. We want you to be 100% ecstatic with the results of your new accent Kurb appeal landscape curbing.

If you haven’t already, check out to see our installation process. In Preparation, the day prior to our arrival, Pop up all of your sprinkler heads and have them all marked so we do not trap them under the cement. Afterwards, turn off your sprinkler system and leave it off for at least two days after installation. If you have plants, sprinkler heads, or lighting in the path of where the curb is to be place, make sure they have been moved at least two feet from where we will be sod cutting and placing the curb. Please make sure this is done at least the day prior to our arrival. Last, but most importantly… Inform Children, Family, Neighbours and Neighbours’ Pets that you are having “WET Decorative Concrete Curb Installed” and to stay away from your curb for a minimum of two days!!!!! If damage does occur after our departure, we must charge a fee to come back and repair the damaged curb. This is noted on your Care and Warranty.

Can children or pets damage the curb?
The concrete curb is very vulnerable during the first twenty four to forty eight hours of installation. It is imperative to keep quests, children and pets away from the curb for the first few days, otherwise they can and will crush your curb. In addition, many homeowners have irrigation systems which need to be turned off the day before our arrival and not turned back on until two days after installation. If the curb is damaged from any type of force we can fix the curb, however there will be an additional fee for this service. In addition, you will have a noticeable color difference where the curb is repaired. After the first few days, accent Kurb appeal’s curb is pretty strong. It is strong enough at that point that animals and children cannot hurt the curb if they step on it. It is OK to rake your bed covering back into place a few days after installation, just make sure the curb does not take a direct hit from any tools. It is best to wait a few weeks before you begin any major replanting or changes to your bed area. Keep in mind, do not allow anyone to dig underneath the curb, or run over the curb with a vehicle. Your curb is only as good as it foundation, and it is not designed to be ran over by a vehicle.

Sounds good, but can anyone truly afford this?
Compared to the “do it yourself” blocks that you can purchase and install yourself at a home improvement store, our prices are very comparable AND it is installed professionally. accent Kurb appeal curb’s are very affordable and effective. To top it off, accent Kurb appeal installs it professionally (in half a day to a full day depending on amount of footage), leaving your weekends available for the fun stuff like shopping or going fishing.

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